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Wheel alignments Brisbane — what are they and how much they cost

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At Coleman Tyres & Mechanical, we are experts in tyres, wheels and mechanical servicing. So it stands to reason that we get a lot of questions from customers about wheel alignments.

From wheel alignment costs in Brisbane to why you need a wheel alignment, how often you need one and what happens during a wheel alignment, there are plenty of questions that most people have when it comes to wheel alignments.

So, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, to answer the most commonly asked wheel alignment questions in Brisbane.

Wheel alignment Brisbane FAQs

These are the questions that Brisbane drivers ask most frequently about wheel alignments and the FAQs we cover in this guide.

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What is a wheel alignment?

A Wheel Alignment is a service performed on your vehicle to inspect, ensure and correct the angles of your wheels. It’s about measuring and setting your vehicle’s steering and suspension geometry as opposed to aligning the wheels.

Simply, during the process, our expert alignment technician will adjust your vehicle’s camber, caster and toe angles (if they are adjustable) to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Within this process, we adjust your steering and suspension, to ensure that your wheels are aligned correctly in terms of their inward or outward tilt (camber), steering axis, balance, and ensure they make the correct level of contact with the road to roll correctly.

What does a wheel alignment cost in Brisbane?

Wheel Alignments Cost from $80

Why do I need a wheel alignment?

A Wheel Alignment is an important service to have performed on your vehicle. It’s important for a number of reasons.

You need a wheel alignment for safety

The purpose and outcome of a Wheel Alignment is to ensure your vehicle’s tyres have maximum contact with the road. This applies to everyday driving conditions like driving straight, accelerating, braking, or turning the corner.

It safeguards you and your family by ensuring that your car will track straight as opposed to pulling to one side under these everyday conditions.

For example, if you are driving through the rain and need to break suddenly, you want to ensure your vehicle is going to hold straight instead of veering off the road.

You also don’t want your car to start drifting off to one side if you lose your focus for a moment (of course, it’s always important to drive safely and maintain complete focus on the road, however, property aligned wheels add to your safety).

Just like it’s important to ensure there is reasonable tread on your tyres, it’s highly crucial to make sure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned.

It’s important to stress however, that a Wheel Alignment will fix your vehicle’s suspension system and not the tyres.

At Coleman Tyres Wacol, we provide Wheel Alignment services that are performed by our expert certified alignment technicians.

Wheel alignments improve your car’s efficiency

An alignment every 10,000 km can greatly prolong the life of your tyres, which in the long run is more cost effective.

When your wheel alignment is off centre, your tyres can wear unevenly. Unaligned wheels can also cause your car to go through more fuel. So, wheel alignments can help with your car’s fuel efficiency and prevent you from needing to replace a tyre early.

TLDR? Wheel alignments improve the following

  • Even tyre wear
  • Correct wheel alignment
  • Predictable vehicle control
  • Stability at high speed
  • Heavy load stability
  • Safer driving experience
  • Best fuel efficiency
  • Lowers the wear on multiple parts of your car
  • Can fix steering wheel alignment feeling, when the wheel alignment is the issue.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

 If you’ve noticed that your vehicle steering is off-centre, abnormal or uneven tyre wear, increased fuel use, or if you’ve hit a large pothole or kerb and the vehicle is drifting from side to side, you probably do need a wheel alignment.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your vehicle needs a Wheel Alignment – and it’s quite easy! 

If you’ve noticed your vehicle is doing any of the following, your vehicle may need to be realigned with a Wheel Alignment Service.

You likely need a wheel alignment if:

  • Your steering is off centre
  • You notice abnormal or uneven tyre wear (one side is more worn than the other)
  • You notice increased fuel use 
  • If you’ve hit a large pothole or kerb recently
  • If you notice your vehicle is drifting from side to side, or drifting to one side
  • If you notice your wheel seems to want to turn in one direction.

How often should you get a wheel alignment?

Wondering how often you should get a Wheel Alignment?

There is no set time frame that you must have your vehicle’s wheels aligned by, however, it is recommended for road safety that, at a minimum, you get a Wheel Alignment twice a year or every 10,000 km you travel.

If you are purchasing new tyres it is very beneficial and cost -effective in the long term to have your wheels aligned.  

What happens during a wheel alignment?

Wondering how often you should get a Wheel Alignment?

There is no set time frame that you must have your vehicle’s wheels aligned by, however, it is recommended for road safety that, at a minimum, you get a Wheel Alignment twice a year or every 10,000 km you travel.

If you are purchasing new tyres it is very beneficial and cost -effective in the long term to have your wheels aligned. 

Where do I get a wheel alignment in Brisbane?

At Coleman Tyres Wacol, we have expert certified alignment technicians who perform this job on your vehicle.

Wheel aligner technician Josh using the Hunter HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment technology 

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of automotive innovation. We believe in giving our valued customers the best, and that means equipping our expert certified alignment technicians with cutting-edge tools. Enter our world-class laser precision wheel aligner, a true game-changer that’s heralded as the pinnacle of alignment technology in Australia.

The HawkEye Elite® is the most accurate and fastest wheel alignment machine on the market. And the best part? This impressive speed doesn’t mean we compromise on precision. You’ll get a perfect wheel alignment every time.

The aligner requires minimal setup, taking just one trip around your vehicle to confirm your wheel alignment data, promising a faster, more efficient service for you. Moreover, the immediate and accurate measurements it provides are presented in an easy-to-grasp graphic form, showing details like camber, toe, and caster, which allows the high degree of precision we provide.

By trusting Coleman Tyres & Mechanical Wacol, you’re not only investing in our team’s exceptional skills, but also the most advanced technology on the market to ensure your car’s alignment is flawless. Our dedication to this blend of expertise and modern innovation ensures a smoother drive for you the moment you leave our facilities.

How do I book in for a wheel alignment?

At Coleman Tyres & Mechanical Wacol, you don’t even need to book in — just drive in!

We are open weekdays from 7:30am-5pm and Saturday 8am-1pm for your convenience.

However, if you would like to book in, or check how busy we are, just give us a call.

If you have any questions at all, or would like to confirm the price, just give us a call or send us a message.

We provide Wheel Alignment services performed by our expert certified alignment technicians, and we provide a detailed report with your alignment.

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We are open weekdays 7.30am- 5pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. If you require any assistance or have any questions on the cost of a wheel alignment for your vehicle, we are happy to help, please give us a call on (07) 3271 4300 or send us a message via our contact form.