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Brakes & Mechanical

Why choose Coleman Tyres & Mechanical?

We Provide A High Quality Car Service

From the parts we use to the workmanship our mechanics provide, our team provides a really high quality car service. You’ll notice the difference when you choose us.

Extend The Life Of Your Car & Keep Safe

Our quality car servicing allows you to extend the life of your vehicle and stay safe on the road with a car that runs just as it should. Count on us to comprehensively check your car for safety.

An Efficient Team

We work efficiently to make getting a safety certificate more convenient. Our experienced and knowledgeable team make it simple to get a safety certificate.

Affordable Servicing

We’re committed to providing high quality services at affordable prices. We don’t mark our prices or parts up.

Friendly Staff Ready To Help

We love getting to support our customers through personalised advice and guidance. You can trust us to provide you with the best advice to get your safety certificate.

Top Notch Workmanship

You can count on our team to provide you with transparent advice to get your safety certificate. We’ll provide you with jargon-free explanations to get your vehicle in its best shape.
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Our Wacol vehicle and brake mechanics are experts in all things brakes and mechanical. We’ll provide you with a quality experience, whether your car is in for a service or a repair.

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Your new team for Brake Repairs & Mechanical Maintenance

We’re Coleman Tyres and Mechanical, a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable motor mechanics servicing and repairing cars from Ipswich to Brisbane. You can feel confident teaming up with our mechanics. 


Always transparent with you, your mechanic will always contact you to gain verbal approval before we complete any kind of out-of-scope repair. You’ll receive a quote and an explanation of the proposed repair — so you understand how important it is, as well as the urgency. 

Keep your car & brake pads in perfect condition

We provide all the servicing and mechanical repairs necessary to keep your car running perfectly. From the high-quality fluids we supply in each car service, to the high-quality spare parts we use in each repair we complete — we provide everything we need to keep your vehicle running like an absolute dream. We offer affordable and quality car service, every time.

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A mechanic servicing car brakes

We offer car servicing, repairs & brake repairs

With a team of expert mechanics who’re passionate about all sorts of cars — from small hatchbacks to big, lifted 4WDs — we provide a high-quality service. We’ll walk you through any necessary repairs, helping you understand why they’re necessary and what they mean for your vehicle. Our team will chat with you early on to find out how you use your car to ensure we use parts and fluids that suit your driving habits.

Signs you need to get your brakes checked

Your brake pedal feels soft and spongy

Any difference in the feeling of your brake pedal should probably be cause for concern. If your brake pedal is feeling soft or spongy, though, then your car may be leaking brake fluid or have air in the brake lines. Your brake fluid is responsible for converting the energy applied to the brake pedal into the force required to then stop your vehicle.

So, if that fluid leaks, then that important function provided by the brake fluid will be compromised. 

It’s hard to push your brake pedal down

A brake pedal that is becoming more and more difficult to push down may indicate an issue with vacuum pressure. In modern cars, the brake system uses a “brake booster”. This draws on that vacuum pressure and then applies your force to the brake pedal. It’s a system that gives you greater control over the force applied to your brake pads.

It’s how we can slow our cars down with very little effort compared to those older model cars we used to drive.

Your brakes are squeaking or squealing

One of the more common issues is if your brakes are squeaking or squealing, then there’s a real indication you’ll need to get them checked out by a mechanic. Squeaking brakes typically indicate that your brake rotors are becoming damaged – a much more costly issue than a brake pad replacement.

There’s a grinding sound when you brake

A grinding sound when you brake can often indicate that there was a squeaking or squealing noise. If you don’t address that brake squeaking or squealing, the next sound to come is often the sound of grinding metal. This could be a serious problem for your brake system and your car. However, the problem could also be an object lodged in your braking mechanism, misplaced wheel bearings, or even just poor lubrication.

Your car pulls to one side when you’re driving

Your car pulling either to the left or right can be an indication that your brakes are putting out mismatched friction and causing your car to veer. It could be an issue of worn brake pads, misaligned brakes, a loose brake hose, or poor-quality brake fluid. The issue may also be that you require a wheel alignment.

We’d always recommend visiting a mechanic to get the issue sorted out.

Your car is telling you to (the dashboard brake light is on)

A brake system light turning on in your car’s dashboard should always be cause for concern and a visit to the mechanic. This light could indicate issues with your car’s safety systems that pertain to your brakes. This includes your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), your traction control (TC) and your emergency stability control (ESC). 

Why choose Coleman Tyres & Mechanical?

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    Excellent Workmanship

    Everything we do comes back to the quality of the workmanship we provide. From the explanations we provide you with to the work we complete on your car — it’s always quality.

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    Quality Parts

    We’ll always use quality parts in your car, whether we’re completing a routine car service or a necessary car repair. You can rest assured that your car will be fitted with quality parts.

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    Transparent Pricing

    We’re always transparent about our pricing. From the initial quote, you receive for our work to any necessary repairs we notice along the way, you’ll always know how much you’ll pay at the end.

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    Friendly, Supportive Team

    Our team has decades of experience in mechanical repairs and servicing. You’ll always receive friendly advice and tailored professional support.

Brake repair frequently asked questions

How long should my brake pads last?

As a rule of thumb, you should get roughly 30,000km to 90,000km out of a set of brake pads. Whether your brake pads are closer to that 30,000km mark or the 90,000km mark will depend on how you drive, how often you drive, the terrain you drive on (motorway or dirt roads), and what kind of brake system your car has.

Ultimately, unlevel terrain like rocky roads, loose gravel roads, and 4WDing tracks will cause more strain on your brake pads. This is because these terrains call for more frequent braking and wear on your rotors and, in turn, your brake pads.

Drivers who tend to rest their feet on their brake pads as they descend downhill will also see quicker wearing on their brakes. This kind of frequent braking causes heat to build up, causing additional wear to your brake pads.

Why are my brakes squeaking?

This is a more common issue experienced by drivers. Squeaking or squealing brakes can indicate a few things. It might be as simple as a brake service, where your brake system gets checked over, cleaned up and your brake callipers re-lubricated. 

However, it can often suggest that there’s an issue with your brake pads. Squeaking brakes can mean that your brake rotors are becoming damaged – as that squeaking sound is caused by metal on metal. 

Damaged brake rotors are a much more costly and serious problem than brake pads that require replacing.

Should my brake pedal feel soft and spongey?

No, it shouldn’t. We’d always recommend taking your car to a mechanic for a brake service and potentially a repair. Generally, soft and spongey brake pads or pedals indicate that your brake fluid is low or there’s a fault in your brake system.

My steering wheel is shaking, are my brakes causing it?

If your steering wheel shudders or shakes when you’re braking, it’s a pretty clear sign that there is an issue with your brake rotors. This could be an uneven tightening of your rotors, which would be a relatively simple repair. However, more often than not, this feeling is caused by warped rotors. 

Regardless of the issue, if your steering wheel shudders when you brake, it is most likely you will have to visit your mechanic sooner rather than later.

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