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Quality car wheel alignments from Brisbane to Ipswich

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For over 25 years, we’ve been providing the highest quality wheel alignment services, tyre services and mechanical services to happy customers across the greater Brisbane and Ipswich regions.

At Coleman Tyres and Mechanical, we are passionate about providing the benefits that wheel alignments offer to our customers.

Our experienced team are experts in car wheel alignment services and can help you to extend the lifetime of your tyres and keep yourself safe on the road with regular wheel alignment services.

What is a wheel alignment and what does it do?

What is a wheel alignment service?

A car wheel alignment, sometimes known as a four wheel alignment, wheel balance, or wheel adjustment, is a service that sees an experienced car mechanic measure, assess, and set the suspension and steering of your vehicle in order to make sure your wheels are at the correct angles.

Something that many of our customers find surprising is that wheel alignment services aren’t done by adjusting the wheels or tyres of vehicles.

This process instead involves making adjustments to the vehicle’s steering and suspension. This ensures that the correct alignment is achieved for the direction, inward or outward tilt (camber adjustment), steering axis, ride height, tyre to road contact, and balance of the wheels and tyres of the vehicle and to ensure that the tyres roll correctly.

This is the process for all types of vehicles, including rear wheel drive vehicles and front wheel drive vehicles.

In order for your tyre and wheel balance to be set correctly, your vehicle’s suspension components and suspension angles will be checked and adjusted as necessary, to achieve an even tyre wear, correct car wheel alignment, predictable vehicle control, high speed stability for the vehicle (particularly when carrying heavy loads), and to provide an overall safer driving experience.

How will a car wheel alignment benefit my vehicle and tyres? What does it do?

A wheel alignment service extends the life of your tyres and increases the fuel efficiency and fuel economy of your vehicle.

When your wheel alignment is out, this can cause inefficiencies in how your vehicle runs which causes unnecessary wear on your parts, uneven wear on your tyres and fuel inefficiencies.

When your tyres and wheels are not rolling in the correct direction, the tyre wear can become uneven, as a vehicle pulling to one side increases tyre wear on that side.

However, when your tyres and wheels are aligned correctly due to correct suspension alignment and adjustments and a true vertical alignment is achieved, the vehicle tyre wear is equal, the steering feel of the vehicle is easy, straight and responsive, and the front wheels and rear wheels are all sitting as they should.

A vehicle wheel alignment also provides a safer driving experience by ensuring your wheels are at the right angles, your car runs as it should, your vehicle is not pulling to one side when driving, the vehicle’s high speed stability is intact, and the wheel balance of the vehicle is safe and correct.

Will a wheel alignment fix my tyre and wheel tracking?

Yes! A wheel alignment adjusts how each of the wheels/tyres on your vehicle are positioned, aligned and tracking in the correct position and direction, and balanced evenly and correctly. If you think your wheel tracking is off or your wheel tracking doesn’t feel as it used to, come in for a wheel alignment with our experts today.

Will a tyre wheel alignment fix my steering wheel alignment?

Sometimes misaligned tyres/wheels can cause the steering of the vehicle to feel off, which can sometimes cause your steering wheel to feel misaligned or pulling towards one direction more than the other. As a wheel alignment service ensures the correct angle and direction of your wheels and tyres, a wheel alignment service can help with the direction of your steering wheel and the overall steering wheel balance. However, sometimes there is another issue with the steering wheel itself. When you book your car in for a wheel balance and wheel alignment service with our experts, just let us know about your concerns with your steering wheel. Our experts can help you with any area of concern for your vehicle (such as steering wheel adjustments) and can help you ensure you’re driving safely and comfortably on the road.
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How often should I do a wheel alignment?

How do you know if you need a wheel alignment?

If your vehicle is pulling to one side, or if it seems like your tyre wear is more prominent on one side of your vehicle, or on certain parts of your tyre, it’s probably time to book in for a wheel alignment.

We recommend getting a wheel alignment once a year, and any time you get new tyres. 

Read our full article on how often you should get a wheel alignment.

How long does a wheel alignment take?

We work efficiently, so there’s no need to book. Just drop in with your car at any time to have your wheel alignment completed. We’ll have it done within the hour. 

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A car ready for a wheel alignment service by Colemans Tyres and Mechanical Wacol

Wheel alignment cost: how much is a wheel alignment service?

Wheel alignments are like an investment for your vehicle. When weighing up a wheel alignment cost, like any service, it’s important to consider the long term savings vs the short term costs of maintaining your vehicle properly throughout its lifetime. We believe that wheel alignments pay for themselves.

Our wheel alignment prices start at $80 — an affordable price that can save you plenty throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. It’s a high quality service delivered by an experienced team.

We believe that the wheel alignment cost pays for itself; your wheel alignment will keep you safe on the road, extend the life of your tyres, and increase your fuel efficiency.

By ensuring your wheels are at the correct angle, a wheel alignment ensures your tyres wear evenly and safely.

How do I pick a mechanic that knows how to do a wheel alignment right?

How do you find a good mechanic for a wheel alignment in Brisbane?

Finding a good mechanic in Brisbane can be hard across the board, simply because there are so many options to choose from. However, finding a good Brisbane wheel alignment specialist is easy when you look at a few different factors:

Great reviews

Picking a Brisbane wheel alignment specialist mechanic with a high number of reviews, and a good star rating, is a huge indicator as to how good the mechanic is and how happy their customers are.

At Coleman Tyres & Mechanical, we have over 344+ 5 Star Google Reviews and counting. It’s why we’re the most trusted mechanics in Brisbane and Ipswich for wheel alignment services and so much more.


Experience is a big factor when it comes to trusting your precious set of wheels with a mechanic. Mechanics that have a lot of experience are ideal, and those that have been in business for longer have more established credibility than others.

We’re proud to have provided top-notch mechanical and tyre services from Brisbane to Ipswich for more than two decades, with 25 years in business and over 12,000 happy customers.

Questions and expertise

If you have any questions on whether a mechanic is able to provide you with a quality wheel alignment service, it’s always a good idea to ask them some questions. This will help reassure you, and also help you to understand the process.

If you have any questions at all, pick up the phone and call our friendly team at Coleman Tyres & Mechanical.

Brisbane wheel alignment specialists

With a team of experienced mechanics and tyre experts here in our Wacol workshop, we’re your new team for wheel alignments.

We’re passionate about the benefits of wheel alignments and commit ourselves to providing a high quality service. We offer high quality wheel alignments for a reasonable and competitive wheel alignment price.

Only the best wheel alignment machinery and equipment

Our CNC-calibrated wheel alignment machine is top of the range and ensures your wheels are perfectly aligned — within a fraction of the manufacturer’s specification

We provide high quality wheel alignments

With our experienced team, our state of the art wheel alignment machine, and our commitment to quality, we provide a higher standard of wheel alignment.

Why choose Coleman Tyres & Mechanical?

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    Excellent Workmanship

    We’re committed to providing quality. From our CNC-calibrated car wheel alignment machine to the attention to detail our mechanics pay in each service they provide. When you get your wheel alignment done by the team at Coleman Tyres & Mechanical, you know you’re getting a great wheel alignment price for a high quality service.

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    No need to book

    You don’t need to book your car in for a wheel alignment. We have the team and equipment available to be able to provide your alignment on the spot.

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    In & out in an hour

    We have the team available to get your car’s wheel alignment completed within the hour, once you’ve arrived. You can wait for your vehicle in our comfortable waiting room.

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    Friendly, supportive team

    Our friendly and supportive team is here for you. We’ll provide tailored advice and guidance, whether around mechanical services or your tyre selection.

Coleman Tyres & Mechanical, servicing Brisbane & Ipswich.

We’re proud to be the leading mechanic Brisbane and Ipswich locals trust for their tyres & mechanical needs. We service everywhere from Brisbane to Ipswich and surrounding areas, so you’re sure to be able to book a tyre alignment near you if you live in these areas. Just search ‘car alignment near me’ and select your nearest Coleman Tyres & Mechanical branch.

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Get a car wheel alignment service for your vehicle today

Get a wheel alignment service you can trust today and ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

With us, you don’t even need to book ahead for a wheel alignment (unless you want to); our efficient and highly experienced team can complete your vehicle’s wheel alignment within the hour.

So drop in, sit back and relax in our comfortable waiting room while we help you ensure your safety on the road with our wheel balance and alignment service.

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