Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignments

Extend the life of your tyres and keep yourself safe on the road with a wheel alignment. We recommend getting a wheel alignment once a year as well as when you get new tyres.


Your new team for wheel alignments

With a team of experienced mechanics and tyre experts here in our Wacol workshop, we’re your new team for wheel alignments. We’re passionate about the benefits of wheel alignments and commit ourselves to providing a high quality service. Our CNC-calibrated wheel alignment machine is top of the range and ensures your wheels are perfectly aligned — within a fraction of the manufacturer’s specification

Extend the life of your tyres & increase fuel efficiency

We believe that wheel alignments pay for themselves. Starting at $65, your wheel alignment will keep you safe on the road, extend the life of your tyres, and increase your fuel efficiency. By ensuring your wheels are at the correct angle, a wheel alignment ensures your tyres wear evenly and safely. 

By ensuring your wheels are at the right angle, your car runs as it should. When your wheel alignment is out, this can cause inefficiencies in how your vehicle runs which causes unnecessary wear on your parts and fuel inefficiencies. Wheel alignments are like an investment for your car.

We provide high quality wheel alignments

With our experienced team, our state of the art wheel alignment machine, and our commitment to quality, we provide a higher standard of wheel alignment. We work efficiently, so there’s no need to book. Just drop in with your car at any time to have your wheel alignment completed. We’ll have it done within the hour. 

Why choose Coleman Tyres & Mechanical?

We Provide A High Quality Car Service

From the parts we use to the workmanship our mechanics provide, our team provides a really high quality car service. You’ll notice the difference when you choose us.

Extend The Life Of Your Car & Keep Safe

Our quality car servicing allows you to extend the life of your vehicle and stay safe on the road with a car that runs just as it should. Count on us to comprehensively check your car for safety.

An Efficient Team

We work efficiently to make getting a safety certificate more convenient. Our experienced and knowledgeable team make it simple to get a safety certificate.

Affordable Servicing

We’re committed to providing high quality services at affordable prices. We don’t mark our prices or parts up.

Friendly Staff Ready To Help

We love getting to support our customers through personalised advice and guidance. You can trust us to provide you with the best advice to get your safety certificate.

Top Notch Workmanship

You can count on our team to provide you with transparent advice to get your safety certificate. We’ll provide you with jargon-free explanations to get your vehicle in its best shape.

Why choose Coleman Tyres & Mechanical?

  • Excellent Workmanship

    We’re committed to providing quality. From our CNC-calibrated wheel alignment machine to the attention to detail our mechanics pay in each service they provide.

  • No Need To Book

    You don’t need to book your car in for a wheel alignment. We have the team and equipment available to be able to provide your alignment on the spot.

  • In & Out In An Hour

    We have the team available to get your car’s wheel alignment completed within the hour, once you’ve arrived. You can wait for your car in our comfortable waiting room.

  • Friendly, Supportive Team

    Our friendly and supportive team is here for you. We’ll provide tailored advice and guidance, whether around mechanical services or your tyre selection.

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Extend your tyres' life
for only $20

At Coleman Tyres, we want the tyres we fit to last as long as possible. We offer our customers $20 tyre rotations and balances after the first 10,000km with your Coleman Tyres. 

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