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At Coleman Tyres & Mechanical, we’re your local mechanic in west Brisbane well-equipped to support you with all of your car maintenance and mechanical needs. We offer a range of car mechanical services such as fitting new tyres and providing tyre rotations and wheel alignments, to logbook car servicing and general mechanical repairs, including brake repairs. We also provide other services as our team are qualified mechanics that can supply safety certificates and battery replacements at affordable prices.

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Why Should I Choose Coleman Tyres and Mechanical?

Coleman Tyres and Mechanical is a family owned business in South East Queensland that provides professional services at competitive prices. The team at Coleman have decades of experience behind them, making them experts in car repairs who are passionate about great service. We pride ourselves on delivering great communication to all our customers as we want to be completely transparent and honest in the work we do.

You can trust Coleman Tyres for your next automotive service.

Auto Repair Services We Provide

Safety Certificates

A safety certificate, previously known as a roadworthy certificate, is a legal requirement to be obtained before you sell, transfer the ownership, or want to re-register your vehicle in Queensland. Fines may apply if one is not obtained before selling a registered vehicle.

An inspection is only offered at approved inspection stations (AIS) in Queensland that can issue a safety certificate. Either a handwritten certificate or electronic version will be provided. Our team at Coleman inspects your vehicle and provides a full, itemised report.


A safety inspection checks the basic safety standards of vehicles:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Body rust and damage
  • Windscreen
  • Lights


If the itemised report finds any outstanding issues, you’ll need to have these repaired before a re-inspection can take place. If repairs are needed, a quote will be provided to you and a qualified mechanic will deliver the highest standard of work in a timely manner. We also use only quality parts for your car repair to preserve your vehicle’s resale value.


Coleman Tyre’s is your local car mechanic in Wacol that you can trust for future services that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Logbook Servicing

Coleman’s team of fully qualified mechanics have the knowledge and experience to provide logbook services on a wide range of makes and models. A logbook service should take place at least twice a year to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty stays in place.

What is logbook servicing?

Logbook servicing follows the requirements of the manufacturer to guarantee maximum efficiency and durability of your vehicle. At Coleman, we service the vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s specifications and schedule your service based on the issued logbook, this is measured either by a kilometre reading or by monthly interval.
What does a logbook service look like?

A logbook service involves:

  • Inspecting and/or replacing of certain parts of a vehicle
  • Checking of fluids, brakes, coolant, filters, and spark plugs

Car Battery Replacement

A healthy car battery is important in keeping your vehicle on the road. A car battery not only starts the engine but provides energy to the lights, windows, wipers and other accessories.

Coleman’s qualified mechanics are prepared to install a variety of batteries to replace your flat or low battery. Choose Coleman when needing to replace your dead battery or book in to have your battery tested using our online booking service.

When does a car battery need replacing?

If your car battery is low, you may notice a decline in the performance of your car accessories. Our team provides exceptional customer service by testing, supplying, and installing a new battery to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Brakes & Mechanical Repairs

Our local mechanics in west Brisbane and Ipswich have the best service and mechanical repairs to keep your car running like a dream. We supply high quality parts and fluids in every car service that takes place while offering the best price, every time.


Puncture Repairs, Strip and Fit

Our honest family business provides speedy and quality service on puncture repairs and strip and fit services.

How do I know if my tyre can be repaired?

A tyre needs to be stripped from the wheel and a full examination of the damage and structural integrity needs to take place before determining if it can be repaired. As we strive to deliver only high quality workmanship, we’ll only complete puncture repairs on tyres that are roadworthy.

If a Coleman trustworthy mechanic determines a puncture repair can be made, they will use a combination plug. This is a permanent repair that will last your tyre its lifetime.

Strip and Fit Services

Strip and fit services are available for your own tyres and for tyres that you have supplied. Our qualified mechanics ensure your safety on the road, for this reason we will only fit tyres that are of high standard.

Wheel Alignments

When your wheels are out of alignment, problems can arise such as an increase in the wear and tear on parts as well as fuel inefficiencies.

Wheel alignments are one of the biggest investments for your car that you can make. For a reasonable price, a wheel alignment can extend the life of your tyres, increase fuel efficiency and keep you safe on the road.

At Coleman Tyre’s, we’re proud of our professional service and offer a state of the art wheel alignment machine. We work efficiently, so there’s no need to book in for this excellent service.

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