Our Tyre Brands

Coleman Tyres & Mechanical are the go-to team for all your tyre needs, from Brisbane to Ipswich. We stock all of the best tyre brands and provide an excellent service, every time. No need to book, just drive in.

We stock the best tyre brands to keep you safe on the road.

Huge range of quality & affordable car tyres

Your tyres are so important for ensuring your safety on the road. To guarantee a comfortable and secure journey regardless of the road conditions, it is essential to have tyres that are both in good condition and have ample tread. 

Whether you’re after premium performance tyres from the best car tyre brands, want tyres that go the distance and last longer, need something that can handle rough terrain or simply want an affordable tyre brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality, we are the tyre specialist that can recommend your best fit.

No bookings required. Drive straight in.

$20 tyre rotations for existing customers.

Affordable, high-quality tyre brands and alternatives.

25 years in business, highly experienced team.

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Our fully-qualified team of mechanics and tyre experts are experienced in fitting all of the big-name tyre brands. From Bridgestone and Michelin to Pirelli, Goodyear, Hankook and more, we stock a huge range of the very best car tyres and have been fitting these for more than 25 years.

At Coleman Tyres & Mechanical, we know tyres.

Our Car Tyre Brands`

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Bridgestone Tyres

A highly prestigious brand, Bridgestone, is known for its premium, durable tyres and is the go-to for many high end car manufacturers. Available to order on demand.

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Michelin Tyres

Michelin is the second largest manufacturer of tyres in the world and offers you a wide selection of tyres for your car, SUVs, 4×4 and more. Available to order on demand.

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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop is a respected brand in the tyre industry, known for producing high-quality tyres that offer a good balance of performance, durability, and value. Available to order on demand.

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BF Goodrich Tyres

BF Goodrich is known for producing high-performance durable tyres for a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles. Available to order on demand.

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Falken Tyres

Japan’s Falken Tyres offer excellent performance at a reasonable price point. These are not our most affordable tyres but they do offer excellent value for the performance they provide.

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Pirelli Tyres

These European tyres are typically more expensive than their Korean counterparts. Pirelli Tyres are exceptional and well-suited for high-performance driving.

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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear offers a range of quality tyres for different vehicles and driving habits. These are available at a variety of different price points to suit you and your vehicle.

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Rapid Tyres

Rapid tyres are one of our most affordable tyre brands. These offer such amazing value for money, offering a really high quality tyre for an affordable price.

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Aplus Tyres

Aplus tyres are among the most affordable tyres we stock. These are standard-performance tyres but they offer excellent durability and a long lifespan.

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Sailun Tyres

Sailun offers competitively-priced tyres that are of a high and premium quality. They are long-lasting tyres and give excellent performance at an affordable price.

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Premium Hankook

Hankook are the seventh-largest manufacturer of tyres and provide high quality, high performance tyres at an affordable price.

Looking for another tyre brand? We'll order it in

If you’re chasing a particular tyre company or car tyre brand, we can help out by ordering specific tyres in for you. We stock a huge range of car tyres from the best tyre brands, but can always order in something special if there’s a tyre company or manufacturer that we don’t stock that takes your fancy. Just give us a call and we’ll order your new tyres today.

Not sure what tyre brands are best for you? We're here to help

Coleman Tyres & Mechanical are a family-owned and run car workshop that focuses on providing a higher standard of car tyre and mechanical services, for a better price.

We’re here for you, and our experienced team are always happy to give you advice on finding the best tyre brands for your car and your needs.

The tyres that work best for you can vary, depending on what you’re after. Whether it’s price point, durability and longevity, performance, or the tyre’s safety systems that is your priority, our experienced and passionate team will help you find the right fit.

A Coleman Tyres & Mechanical employee finding a tyre. She is surrounded by a lot of tyres and is standing on the racks to see the one she's looking for.

Affordable & Quality Tyres for Brisbane & Ipswich

New Tyres

Pick up a set of new tyres from Coleman Tyres & Mechanical.

We stock a variety of different sized tyres at different price points to provide you with affordable options.

Used Tyres

It isn’t always in the budget to pick up four new tyres. We have a variety of quality used tyres available at more affordable price points.

We're here to make quality tyres more affordable

At Coleman Tyres, we’re committed to making quality tyres accessible to everyone. With a wide range of tyres at various price points, we always have something to suit your budget. We import tyres from lesser-known brands that are just as excellent in quality. 


It means you can secure a new set of tyres for much, much less. We also supply secondhand tyres for when you need something affordable to get you through.

Car raise off the ground ready for a tyre repair or replacement.
multiple cars in a mechanics garage being worked on.

We make it so convenient

We keep a range of affordable and quality tyres here in our workshop. So, you can just drop in, with no booking required.

Our team works efficiently, so you can get in and out in one hour. We’re also in an excellent location, with two cafes within a two-minute stroll, and the Wacol train station is less than five minutes away. If you do want to hang around while you wait,  we have a waiting room with a TV and cold drinks in our shop fridge.

Why choose Coleman Tyres?

We stock the best brands

Through in-depth testing and trialling, we find the very best quality tyre brands at affordable prices. When you visit us, you can feel confident you’ve chosen a great brand.

Extend the life of your tyres

Not only do we stock high quality brands at affordable prices. We offer our customers $20 tyre rotations every 10,000km so you can ensure your tyres wear evenly and last longer.

No need to book

We have the team and the processes to assess, source, and fit your tyres so efficiently that we don’t require bookings. Just drop in and get your new tyres fitted. 

Fast, efficient service

We know you don’t want to spend hours sitting around waiting for your car. Our team works quickly to provide you with an efficient service — and we never compromise quality. 

We’re highly recommended.

344+ 5 star Google reviews

Coleman Tyres, Servicing Brisbane & Ipswich.

UNIT 5 / 3471 Ipswich Road,
Wacol QLD 4076


P: (07) 3271 4300

E: sales@colemantyreswacol.com.au

Extend your tyres' life
for only $20

At Coleman Tyres, we want the tyres we fit to last as long as possible. We offer our customers $20 tyre rotations and balances after the first 10,000km with your Coleman Tyres.