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The following is a condensed version of a story taken from Tyre Press: Sailun puts its UHP tyres to the test originally published on 19th May 2016.


Sailun Tyres Coleman Tyres Wacol


Recently over in the UK Sailun invited a number of key customers to experience the performance of its tyres in track-day conditions including: wet braking, dry braking, slalom and high speed driving.


While the more “normal” driving tests took place in everyday vehicles such as Skoda Octavias, Ferrari F430s were deployed for the high-speed experience.


The Tyres

In both cases the cars were equipped with tyres from Sailunʼs Atrezzo passenger car tyre range and the Ferraris were fitted with Sailun’s Atrezzo ZS-R tyres.


According to the Sailun representatives, the new generation Atrezzo ZS-R is engineered to deliver precise wet and dry handling characteristics, and features an asymmetrical tread design and an “enhanced rubber compound” which is designed to offer “exceptional performance on the street or on the highway”.


Sailun Tyres Coleman Tyres Wacol


Wet Braking Results

When it came to the wet braking, dry braking and slalom, the track’s Octavias were fitted with Sailun’s Atrezzo Elite tyres in the relatively large 235/55 R17 fitment.


Dry Breaking Experience

The tests were designed to give dealers the chance to experience Sailun’s tyre products in both relatively normal circumstances – the dry braking test saw drivers halt the car at 20, 30 and 40 miles per hour well within highway code stopping distances.

Indeed, the very fact Sailun tyres were fitted to as powerful a vehicle as a Ferrari is a clear indication of the confidence Sailun has in its products..


Sailun Tyres At Coleman Tyres Wacol

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