Road Safety Over Christmas

8 cars use their headlights to create an effect that looks like a Christmas tree

The team at Coleman Tyres wishes you a happy and safe holiday season. At this time of the year we’re all excited catch up with family and spend some time relaxing at the beach.

It’s important to remember that the holiday period can be the most dangerous time on our roads. We remind you to:

1. Never drive tired

Sometimes we overstretch ourselves as we try and fulfil our commitments. If you are tired make sure you put off getting in the car until you are well rested, or if you find yourself tired when driving pull over and rest.

2. Buckle up

It might seem obvious but always make sure to put your seatbelt on. If you’re the driver remember that you are responsible for your passengers. Pay special attention to children who may have trouble with their seatbelt.

3. Don’t drink and drive

Another obvious one that can be easier said then done in the Christmas period. If you will be drinking at an event make sure somebody is the designated driver or call the event organiser ahead of time and make sure there will be somewhere for you to stay if the Christmas festivities gets to carried away.

4. Never Speed

It’s never a good idea to speed. Not only could it be bad for your hip pocket (with double demerits also included over the holiday period) but it only takes a split second for it to ruin your life and the lives of those you love.

5. Keep your phone in your pocket

We all think we can quickly read that text or enter details into our map app. Studies have shown that distractions like checking your phone can slow down your reaction time by two seconds. This can have a huge impact when driving at higher speeds. If you do have to check your phone, pull over.

Have a safe time on the roads! We look forward to speaking with you in the New Year!