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Buying Second Hand Tyres Brisbane

A Coleman Tyres & Mechanical employee finding a tyre. She is surrounded by a lot of tyres and is standing on the racks to see the one she's looking for.

Buying Second hand tyres are a great alternative option to stretch your budget, to get you out of trouble and back on the road.


At Coleman Tyre Company Wacol, we stock a large range of both new and secondhand tyres in our store based in Brisbane’s West.


You might want to consider buying second-hand tyres if you’re selling your old vehicle and want to increase its value and appeal. This is a great tip to help you get a roadworthy certificate at a cost-effective price.


Did you know that driving with bald tyres is against the law?

Unfortunately, most of us are unaware that bald tyres will result in a costly $110 fine per tyre and loss of demerit point on your license – something that no one can afford. Instead of paying a fine, just make sure you update your tyres. There is no excuse especially when prices start at $45. 


An excerpt taken from My Police website:

“Quality & tread of tyres – regardless of the season, the status of your tyres heavily influence your vehicles traction and ability to conduct an emergency stop.  If your tyres tread is worn, it needs replacing – no ifs or buts. One worn tyre can cost you an on the spot fine of $110 and one point. Three bald tyres may cost you $220 and three points.


Not worth the risk

Worst still it is not worth driving an unsafe vehicle when you are travelling on the road daily especially with your loved ones. Anytime anywhere you may need to stop unexpectedly. A large majority of us are driving kids to school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon, driving to work, travelling to the coast for the weekend or simply driving to and from the local shopping center.  


Second-hand tyres can have a second life. So what does it mean when we say a tyre is second hand?

For starters we pride ourselves knowing all of our second hand tyres are delivered to our store by a licensed supplier. All of these tyres are legal and roadworthy. They undergo strict safety testing by our expert tyre fitters who have over 30 years of industry experience.  Each tyre is submerged in a tank of water to check for air bubbles.


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